Welcome to The Tax Team LLC!

  • Our “Tax Season” Hours (Jan-Apr 15th) are:

    • 9-5 Tues, Thurs, Fri, & Sat (Feb-Apr)                                       9-7 Mondays and Wednesdays

  • Our OFF Season hours are 9-3 Mon – Wed

  • Please feel free to send us pay stubs to check withholding amounts.
  • leave messages 503-777-1040  Carole ext 4, Jessica ext 3, Kathy ext 2.
  • fax 503-775-4041
  • emails: Carole@thetaxteamllc.com,  Jessica@thetaxteamllc.com,   &                     Kathy@thetaxteamllc.com

To prepare for your tax appointment, please bring the following documents:

Tax Client Checklist, which you can download 2018 Client Check List

Income documents, including:

W2  Wage statements from your employer(s)
1099-G or W2-Gs Unemployment, state refund and gambling winnings
1099-Int, 1099-Div, 1099-B  Interest, dividends, and investment info
1099-Misc  Independent contractor or self employment income; rents; royalties and other misc income
1099-R   Pension or retirement income
1099-SSA  Social Security or Railroad Retirement statements
K-1  Partnership, S-corp, trust income
Alimony paid or received and recipient’s SSN (if divorce was finalized prior to 1/1/2019)
Rental property income and expenses
Self Employment income and expenses

Expense documents, including:

1098  Mortgage interest statement
Child care: amount paid, provider names, tax ID number, address and phone number
Medical and dental expenses
Taxes paid  Property, income, quarterly estimates, Trimet, business
1098-E  Student loan interest paid
1098-T Educational expenses paid – PLEASE also bring statement from the educational institution showing expenses paid in the year
Charitable contribution letters and/or receipts  If you need help determining the value of your non-cash contributions, click the FORMS tab to download a valuation guide
OR Energy Credit postcard  You must have the postcard from Oregon to be able to claim a tax credit for Energy Efficient Property. Get this by submitting required paperwork. More information can be found here.


Forms 1095 A, B and/or C, detailing health insurance coverage, for anyone on your tax return.


Please bring your Photo ID, Social Security cards for everyone on your return, and your most recent 3 years of tax returns