Appointment Preparation

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To prepare for your tax appointment, please bring the following documents:

Tax Client Checklist, which you can download, HERE

Engagement Letter, which you can download, HERE

These documents are available to fill out online. Please contact us for your personal link.

Income documents, including:

W2  Wage statements from your employer(s)
1099-G or W2-Gs Unemployment, state refund and gambling winnings
1099-Int, 1099-Div, 1099-B  Interest, dividends, and investment info
1099-Misc  Independent contractor or self employment income; rents; royalties and other misc income
1099-R   Pension or retirement income
1099-SSA  Social Security or Railroad Retirement statements
K-1  Partnership, S-corp, trust income
Alimony paid or received and recipient’s SSN (if divorce was finalized prior to 1/1/2019)
Rental property income and expenses
Self Employment income and expenses

Expense documents, including:

1098  Mortgage interest statement
Child care: amount paid, provider names, tax ID number, address and phone number
Medical and dental expenses
Taxes paid  Property, income, quarterly estimates, Trimet, business
1098-E  Student loan interest paid
1098-T Educational expenses paid – PLEASE also bring statement from the educational institution showing expenses paid in the year
Charitable contribution letters and/or receipts  If you need help determining the value of your non-cash contributions, click the FORMS tab to download a valuation guide
Forms 1095 A, showing marketplace insurance premiums and premium tax credits


Please bring your Photo ID, Social Security cards for everyone on your return, and your most recent 3 years of tax returns. If you have dependent children living at home we will also need proof of residency. This can be a school document, doctor bill, or other document that shows; their name, your name OR address, and the current year.


If you are a current client, we can generate a personalized organizer for you as well. Let us know you want it and how you would like it delivered and we can send it electronically or mail you a hard copy.

Download our Donation Value Guide and Tracker for your non-cash charitable contributions. Choose from Pinnacle valuation guide  or Goodwill Valuation Guide (to print and fill out).