Resources & Links

Taxpayer Accounts

Create or log in to your IRS account HERE

Create or log in to your Oregon account HERE

Filing An Extension

Note; Filing an extension give you additional time to file, not additional time to pay. Please follow the links to pay your extension balance(s) due.

File a Federal extension with the IRS HERE

File a state extension with Oregon HERE (May not be required)

Paying Your Taxes

Pay the IRS HERE

Payment options and information HERE

Pay Oregon HERE

Pay the City of Portland HERE (Account Required)

Pay Trimet HERE (Account Required)

Check Refund Status

Check IRS refund status HERE

Check Oregon refund status HERE

Tax Preparation Tips

Helpful information for newly married couples HERE

Use the IRS’ Interactive Tax Assistant for help with Federal tax questions HERE

Use the IRS’ Paycheck Check tool for help Federal with withholding estimates HERE

Use Oregon’s Withholding Calculator for help with Oregon withholding estimates HERE

Business Information

Information about starting a business can be found HERE and HERE

Do you have a business or a hobby? Find out HERE

Information about closing a business can be found HERE

Gig Work and Crowdfunding Information

Useful information for “gig economy” workers (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc.) HERE

Crowdfunding can be taxable, find out more HERE

Other Helpful Information

Find the IRS’ Taxpayer Bill of Rights HERE

View the IRS YouTube channel for helpful videos and information HERE

Multilingual IRS information can be found HERE

IRS tax fraud and scam alerts are listed HERE

You got mail from the IRS, now what? Find more information HERE

Information about the Residential Energy Credit can be found HERE and HERE

Information on residential solar energy credits can be found HERE

How the IRS communicates with taxpayers can be found HERE

Common mistakes taxpayers make can be found HERE

Information on filing a return for a deceased person can be found HERE